Are Marketing Jokes The New Lawyer Jokes?

Since marketing and online marketing is so popular these days, do you think online marketing jokes are the new lawyer jokes? I mean, there are so many “opportunities” online now trying to get people to start their own businesses. It’s really become the ambulance chasing lawyer of the 1990s. So many people are looking for ways to make a living online. Is it really an opportunity for people. I know many of my family and friends who have gotten involved in all sorts of businesses claiming this is going to get them out of their day jobs.

I really enjoy my job. It allows me to travel and meet all sorts of interesting people in different places. I’ve also run into my fair share of people who are promising buckets of gold if I will join their opportunity because they see that I’m in sales and have a great knack for talking. I did come across an interesting training site for online business the other day.

Here are a couple of marketing jokes that were told to me by a couple of advertising executives…

How many social media experts does it take to change a light bulb?
It’s really not about change — it’s more about how you involve people in conversations about the change.

SEO guru’s pick-up line
I did an image search for a beautiful 10 woman with no search filters and a picture of you came up as the top result.

Here’s one take on Internet marketing and if it is truly legit: Internet Marketing isn’t a scam

A couple of marketing memes for your enjoyment:


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