Water, Water Everywhere: Thanksgiving Edition

A physicist, biologist and a chemist were going to a bar by the ocean for the first time. When the physicist saw the ocean, he was fascinated by the waves. He said he wanted to do some research on the fluid dynamics of the waves and walked into the ocean. Unfortunately, he drowned and never returned. The biologist said he wanted to do research on the flora and fauna inside the ocean and walked inside the ocean. He too, never returned. Then, the chemist waited for a long time and afterwards, wrote the observation, “The physicist and the biologist are soluble in ocean water.”

Thanksgiving is just right around the corner. Heavy food like turkey and stuffing, paired with wine and pumpkin pie, is a combination that can make you and your guests sleepy, or worse, dehydrated. Don’t let the conversation die or allow anyone to start feeling unwell. Instead, be sure to serve crisp filtered water throughout the evening so your guests have plenty of H2O in their system late into the evening.

While keeping your guests hydrated is one thing, keeping your guests happy is just as important. Boerne Water Softener Pros can help with providing clean, clear and delicious water to wash down your meal—but the rest is up to you.

To pull off the perfect Thanksgiving, you need to prioritize. First things first: preparation and planning. To stay organized, it’s extremely important to create what caterers call a prep list, which lays out—in order—all the tasks that need to be done in the two days prior to your Thanksgiving dinner. You need to decide which recipes you want to make, and keep in mind that there’s only so much one person―and one kitchen―can do. If you really want 10 side dishes, look for recipes that use the same oven temperature, so they can cook at the same time. After you narrow down your menu, glance over the recipes that remain. Most can be broken into steps that you can do ahead of time. Then make a list of what you want to get done on each of the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

Just days before Thanksgiving, make everything that will be served chilled, like cranberry sauce. Cover the dishes, place them in the refrigerator, and forget about them until time to eat. It’s always a good idea to make one last trip to the store on the day before Thanksgiving. Gather up any supplies you may have forgotten before, and add on extras that might enhance your meal. On the day of, take a deep breathe. It’s easy to get stressed when you’re under pressure to make the perfect holiday meal for friends and family—but, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Distribute tasks to make your life easier.

Finally, when all the pies are out of the oven and the turkey is on the table, enjoy yourself! It is the holidays, you know. Give thanks to those you helped you pull off the perfect feast, and enjoy every bite of your home-cooked meal. And most importantly, remember to stay hydrated—it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!

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